The first films were made in the 1890's, while writing has been around since the 3rd millennia. And yet, there is a constant struggle between the competing arts. Writing has changed lives; it's caused revolutions, wars, religions, ideas...but the recent invention of screens and artificial lights has clearly swung the power to itself. While many people still do read books, education is perceived as an obligation and not a privilege. And as the times change, so do the people's main point of interest. Mine are always both. I love reading, I love movies. Loving movies is easy; you sit, you watch, you laugh at the funny things and slightly sniffle when it turns tragic. You walk out and say "that movie was really good."
Books are more challenging to love; but still, I love them all the same.

My friend, who I mentioned previously, Ashlyn, is probably my only friend who legitimately likes to read. Everyone else who's in this generation pretty much only reads when it's for school, when they have to...a lot of people ask me why I love to read.
And I decided to make my last post about why I love reading.

I'd like to start by saying that the first book I ever read was a Disney princess manner's book when I was four years old. I was reading avidly by the first grade and started reading adult level books by the time i was ten.

But the point of this post isn't to brag or talk about my reading history or anything like that. It's to tell you why I read.

So I guess I'll make a list:
I read because...

I know these characters better than I know myself.
I learn new exotic words.
If I'm bored they unbore me.
When I need a pick-me-up, they're there.
Books are like mini movies inside my head.
They take me away from my phone.
I need to brain-challengers sometimes.
They make me laugh.
They make me cry.
They make me feel.
They keep me up at night.
I need an Silent Sustained Reading book for school.(typical)
The characters are always so interesting and imaginary.
You can interpret what the book really meant.

“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.” 
J.D. SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye
The link above is a good website if you want book quotes.
My second favorite is from one of my favorite books,
To Kill a Mockingbird.
"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing."

―Harper Lee,
To Kill a Mockingbird

Thank you to my dear reading readers, who took the time to read and analyze my blog with pure fascination. I don't have that patience, nor that time. But thank you.
Maybe I didn't post what I set out to, but this was a really fun experience for me. I love reading, I love blogging, I love writing. Perfecto! I hope you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed blogging on it:) Also, happy new year! I hope you all maintain your good hearts and stay gold(another book reference, look it up (;  )
Xoxo gossip girl

Read on, readers, until you go blind(then you listen to audio tapes, like the kind that all my Grandparents like to listen to).

Love, Rachel.

Oh god.
This is killer. If people don't start to learn the difference between "your" and "you're", "there" and "they're" and "their", "then" and "than", I may just move out of the country.
Adults are making these silly little mistakes. And the sad thing is, it's not uncommon. So here is a mini grammar lesson from yours truly because if you guys don't stop commenting on pictures with "your so pretty" I will chop off YOUR head. (figuratively, of course)

Allow me to get started! :-)

The "Your" and "You're" Debacle

"Your" is possessive to you. As in something belongs to YOU.
For example;
Your cat just ran into your house!
Your cat. As in, this cat belongs to you.
Your house. As in, this house belongs to you.
Get it? Good.

"You're" is a contraction. Kids, do know what a contraction is? It's when a word is combined with another word(and it makes sense) for example: should+have=should've; I+am=I'm. Get it?'re
For example;
You're really pretty!
You are really pretty. As in you+are=you're.

No more "wow, your welcome!". No more "you're house or my house?". No. No. No.

Second, there are three different homonyms. Goddamn the English language.

The Three "Thares"(Pronunciation-wise)

"There" is a theoretical place. It is a noun.
There can be anywhere from another galaxy to 5 feet away.
For example;
Look over there, at the place!
There is the noun in the sentence. As in, the place in the sentence. "There" is the only noun of the trio of "thares".

"They're" is, you guessed it, a contraction. Remember what a contraction is? You better! This contraction is: they+are=they're. I know, brilliant.
For example;
They're going to get ice cream.
They are going to get ice cream. As in, multiple people/beings/whatever's are going simultaneously to get ice cream.

"Their" is possessive to them, whomever "they" are. 
Kind of like "your", but for multiple people.
For example;
Their parents told them not to come.
Their parents. As in, the parents belong to them.

Now that we have conquered the three "thares" together, we take on a trickier topic:

The Challenging and Somewhat Confusing Case of "Then" and "Than"

Guys, this one is really actually very confusing okay. Like, I can even understand why perhaps everyone doesn't get this. But let me explain it to you.

"Then" is a conjunctive adverb. I didn't even know what that was, so I had to look it up. But basically, this is what it is:
A conjunctive adverb is an adverb that connects two clauses. Conjunctive adverbs show cause and effect, sequence, contrast, comparison, or other relationships.

So basically I think that means that "then" is connecting a couple of clauses that need a transition. Basically.
For example;
The dog ran, then he ate the treat.
The first clause is "the dog ran" connected to the second clause, "he ate the treat" by using "then".

"Than" is also some very long word describing its part of speech, but honestly just know that "better than" is right, while "better then" is wrong.

Well, I hope I taught you something because that was actually really bugging me as I looked at someone's instagram comments and all of them were "your pretty" "I was their" "i like him better then you" ugh. People.

If you want to correct some more grammar mistakes you most likely make, here's a

Xoxo gossip girl
Ps No. No. Winter break cannot end this cannot happen.

If I need to say more, then here it is: HARRY POTTER! Everything I love, everything I need. Harry is my true passion.

But I can't just talk about my obsession with J.K Rowling's masterpiece of a, as a skilled reader, I must critique it.

Now first off, let me just lead in with the fact that I started reading the series when I was in the third grade. I read books 1-5 with my dad until I was in around fifh grade when we decided that I could read the books on my own...but I didn't.

I picked the first book back up in the December of my eighth grade and fell BACK in love with it. I read all 7 books in a month and a half. (Two of those weeks were spent on trying to recieve the 5th book, which was not available in our library at the time) I have seen all the movies, have a Deathly Hallows necklace, know the spells and am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter(kind of kidding there).

While I do love the books and movies, as I said before, I can't just talk about how much I absolutely love the series of Harry Potter. I need to talk about what Rowling did right.

Number one: she didn't make the golden trio a love triangle. God, she could have. She could have made it like all other books with a trio of two boys and one girl, where both the boys vie for the girl's heart whilst she struggles internally about who she should love when, in actuality, she's love the first guy the whole time.

(look at my previous post about Teenage Clichés)


Rowling makes sure that everyone pretty much knows from the first book that Ron and Hermione are going to end up making little ginger babies after dating for like 10 years. Harry is always destined to make more ginger babies with Ginny. It's given.

Obviously, to spice it up, there are some scares, like when Hermione goes to the Yule ball in the 4th book with Viktor Krum, when Ron dates Lavender Brown in the 6th book, when Harry likes Cho Chang, and when Ginny dates Michael Corner in the 5th book and Dean Thomas in the 6th. Gosh, the list could go on and on...but let's face it. We knew the second Harry saved Ginny from Tom Riddle in the 2nd book that they were meant to be. We knew the second Hermione and Ron became friends that they were meant to be.

Predictable, predictable. Still, I cried happy tears when Ron and Hermione kissed in 7th book. They are my OTP.

{Here's a definition for you:}

OTP=One True Pair.

For example, Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing. Everyone wants them to be together. Duh. It's how it should be.


In this case, Ron and Hermione. Obviously, they need to be together. They are exceedingly shipped. (Remember that word? You better.)

{End of definition}

I'd also like to comment on the fact that I love that it is 3rd person limited pretty much the whole time(with the exception of seeing into You-Know-Who's mind in select sections of the books). Honestly, I don't want to know everything inside Harry's mind. Obviously, I know a lot. I know what he's feeling and I know what the setting is and I know what pain he's in. But I love seeing him, as another person, and not becoming him. In some books I read which are first person point of view, I tend to really really feel the emotions of the character and feel the pain. Sometimes this can be good, but sometimes it gets me very down-beat and depressed. I love seeing Harry separate from myself, while still understanding him.

My last critique is actually critique, I promise. I know I've been praising it, but now is time for me to tell you what's wrong.

The vocabulary is elementary. I mean, not necessarily horrible and primitive language, per say, but definitely not challenging. Perhaps for the younger age groups, sure, but I was personally not satisfied with the sophistication of the vocab. 

I don't have much else to critique, except Emma Watson is not as ugly as Hermione should be. In fact, she could probably get beaten up and scratched by a bear and still be perfect. Still, a lovely actress, great casting.

I love Harry Potter forever!

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."
Also, I love tumblr and you can track certain topics. So, here is the link to the tracked tag "Harry Potter". It changes constantly. Some of the posts may have to do with fan fictions, the movies, the books, or the characters. But it's fun to track it!

Xoxo gossip girl

Ps I probably gained like 10 pounds this break, I don't know about you. Yikes!

This is me, for the hour after I finished The Book Thief. DAMN YOU MARKUS ZUSAK AND YOUR BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN NOVELS.
I've been saving this post for one of the last because in this post I get to talk about my favorite books: the books that make me cry. Now, a lot of the time, the best books are the books that are happy. But in my case, my ALL TIME FAVORITES are sad books-or, books with a lot of sadness.

As I have mentioned time and time again, my number one favorite is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This book makes me cry like a baby for several key reasons; one is that it is from the point of view of Death. While this may not seem out of the ordinary, persay, it is the most creative and cry-worthy POV I have ever seen. The book portrays Death as an empathetic, rational "man" of some sort. And while maybe this doesn't seem cry-worthy, I can assure you that as Death himself sighs as he takes children from the Holocaust, it is quite cry-worthy. Another reason why this book is the best and most sob-prone is that all these characters are believable—and lovable.



Everyone, except a select few, dies. It was like parting with my own family as the characters whom I had grown to love quickly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, the author swiped away lives. And it was heartwrenching to read. But in a good way.

And the third key reason why this is the best sad book EVER is that it was based around sadness. This book took place around the holocaust and heavily incorporated it into the plot. As the war rages around the characters, people die, lives are ruined, family's are separated...and this is very much so incorporated into the themes of the book. I personally can deeply relate to the novel because I myself am Jewish and the horrors of the Holocaust are very much relevant and real to me. It struck close to home.

Now, I shall move on from The Book Thief and focus on another great book...but very different.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is another favorite of mine! An oldie but goody. I read this in 8th grade and fell in love with its controversial story line and spunky characters. Scout is my spirit animal. Honestly, Scout is who I aspire to be she's absolutely perfection.

But I need to tell you why it's sob-worthy!

I, for one, am insanely against racism, ageism, sexism, really any ism for that matter. And most are featured in the novel. When there are somewhat brutal scenes in which there is prejudice, I would cry(I easily cry).

I cried when Atticus, my favorite fictional character, would show love to his children, when he stood up for what he believed in, when he held Scout and read to her. I wish Atticus were my father or god parent or SOMETHING because he is the most amazing man I've ever heard of. He alone is someone to cry over.

Also, Boo Radley's character. Different from Atticus, but still, heroic in his own way. I love his relationship with Scout.

The "'Hey Boo'" at the end of the novel made me bawl. Adorable!

Now, yet another sad story-- very different, as well.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a  killer sob story about a teenage girl who commits suicide...and sends out an audio to the people who ultimately caused her death. I'm not a big fan of those depression stories, but this one really got to me and made me cry. The main character-not the girl-Clay Jensen was a likable and sweet guy, who was sensitive and the kind of guy every girl would want in real life, but is kind of ignored in his world. The characters cause feeling, and that's exactly what you want from a writing piece.

I'm sure there are more books that I've cried over...I remember crying over The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks in the fifth grade and heaving from so much sadness...but those three are my absolute favorite sad novels ever.

For some clarification, I sign my posts "Xoxo gossip girl" not because I'm gossip girl or something. It's just because I think it's fun, sorry for the confusion to anyone reading my blog :-)

Xoxo gossip girl

PS I'm so not psyched for school. I wish I could sit at home and read and watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix forever. But you know, I need to get into college. Ha.

One of my favorite lines in The Book Thief.
"'I'm an idiot.' No papa. You're just a man." (The Book Thief)
Today is the first day of the year 2014-and I'm really not very psyched about it. In fact, I'm somewhat appalled by the fact that it's already 2014, because the year has gone by faster than any other. But maybe that's how it's supposed to be. 

I'm dedicating this post to the saying "New year, new me", because, let's be real here, pretty much no one seriously transforms into a "new me" when the clock strikes midnight. Unrealistic. Honestly, every year, my resolution is to get healthier, be nicer, thank more people, say "I love you" more often. Blablabla. All these clichés that everyone always puts on that mental list hanging in your mind which slowly moves to the back of it, forgotten by January 5th. I personally don't like the idea of New Year's resolutions. It's just a pinpoint in the 365 days where you can say "oh, I'll start a month, when it turns the first of January" or, "oh, yeah, I know, I'm going to the gym much more often after New Year's". I can't understand why New Year's is the perfect excuse to procrastinate things that should be happening through the whole year. New year, new me is a load of(excuse my French) bullshit.

I am proposing a slight change in how we do New Year's resolutions.
forgotten lists
unrealistic changes
and, especially, no more going to the gym for a week and letting your motivation die out.

Yes, yes. Of course you can have those resolutions-hell, even this year, my resolutions were be healthy and be nicer to people around me. doesn't have to be that way.
Allow me to share with you an idea that may (or may not) blow your mind(probably not but I'm fairly mind blowing).

Let's try to have crazy but realistic resolutions that result in the old you, except a better version.
No more "new year, new me" shit that has become tradition. The significance of the new year is that we've made it to the same spot that we were at 365 days ago. So why not celebrate that we've seen the sun at the same angle once again by being a better person?

Look-I'm not saying "be a nicer person". Nice is different than good(if you didn't get that reference it's from Into the Woods, a musical, which is very near and dear to my heart). You may not know how it's different, so allow me to explain.

Nice is when you are kind to people in general. For example, "that boy is so nice to the other kids. He was raised very well."
The problem with nice is that, while a nice person may be kind on the outside and towards people, they could actually be horrible people on the inside. They might not have true intentions.
Which brings me to good people.

I am a good person. I may not be kind to everybody I know, I may not be called "nice", I may not be considered the ideal child. But I do have a good heart. This is when a person has true and genuine intentions, whether or not they translate well depends on the person. I, for one, have a good heart and, while I mean well, sometimes I hurt people's feelings.
 think that nice and good are cousins, but they are not hand-in-hand. While, a lot of the time, good people are nice and nice people are good, good and nice do not depend on each other.

Now that I'm done with that little excerpt, I guess I should tell you what we should do for the resolutions!
I want everyone to try to maintain a good heart.
I don't care if you believe that you don't have one...everyone starts out with a good heart-it just depends on what you learn as you grow that determines your mindset. You can unlearn anything if you have convincing enough reasons.

And so, dear reading readers, happy new year. I hope that you become a good person, and I hope you maintain a good heart throughout the year and beyond.
Xoxo, gossip girl
Ps last night I fell asleep at 10:30. How lame am I?!? Why do I have friends.
Sorry I'm a little late--just got out of school a little less than a week ago for winter break and have been busy every single day with sleeping in and watching Tv...whoops! Anyway, I'm back and super pumped for this next post, which is going to be somewhat of a word-blurb onto the page. We'll see what I can come up with :) As you can see on the image

I'm going to be ranting about the Dystopian novels that are almost definitely the most popular genre in this generation, when all anyone ever talks about or wants to talk about is "the future". So some authors decided to put their super freaky ideas about the future onto a page and the idea blossomed from there that the future is going to be incredibly disturbing and a lot of teenagers will start rebellions. So now, I want to tell you what I personally believe the future will really be like.

I think that probably, the future will be very fat. Not like fat as in what every one wants to burn and get rid of constantly. No, I actually don't think that people will be morbidly obese everywhere you turn. I believe that people will have fat houses, fat bank accounts, fat ideas-not the right kinds, where everyone is at peace, but also not the dark ones where kids go to war with each other and chop off people's heads and have to be sorted into different factions and need to survive with supernatural abilities. More like, bigger ideas. More enthusiastic about creating ideas. And, while this is somewhat beneficial, it could also lead to the destruction of Western culture.  I'm waiting for at least one novel to explore the details of how Western society actually crumbled, and not just the issues that occur because of such events. 

So, yes, that's what I think will happen. But who knows. 

Maybe Western culture will never die out, though that is doubtful. For now, let's focus on the novels which look at these dystopian societies and predict what may or may not happen. Some of my favorites, which are very annoyingly well read by everyone include the Hunger Games and Divergent series. 

Another dystopian sci-fi novel which I have read is Gone by Michael Grant. The novel is highly disturbing, and, while there is a series which precedes it, I couldn't bear to pick up the sequel. I am a very mature reader-don't get me wrong. I've read countless adult books from the age of eleven. 

But the disturbing aspects of the plot were incredibly unraveling and somewhat gut-twisting in the way that many of these dystopian-style novels of the generation have been. 

I sincerely miss the novels in which "the future" meant aliens, space ships, hovering cars, and breathing on the moon. Now, it just means disturbing scenes and quite a bit of death.
I'm keeping this post short because I sort of veered off topic, and I just wanted to get this idea out to you.
Xoxo gossip girl
ps happy holidayz
pps and a happy new year!

Hello again dearest reading-readers! It appears my very opinionated friend Ashlyn struck back here against my most recent post. And so I thought that maybe I should clear a few things up:

I actually really, truly enjoyed John Green's books.

 I have read every single one at least twice. I love his writing style, I am fascinated with his ability to accurately portray a teenage girl when he is, in fact, a thirty-something year old male. I'm just somewhat questioning his ability to truly explore his writing style and create diverse plots with various characters who vary in relationships with one another and in personality. I believe that his books are very well written, yes; he uses moderately advanced vocabulary, which I am very much a fan of. He has interesting stories to write and a very creative voice. 

I'm mildly annoyed that many of his books-especially Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, and Looking for Alaska-are based off very similar plots. For example, in all three books, there is a mildly socially awkward young man who is very reserved and somewhat quiet--Paper Towns:Quentin(Q); An Abundance of Katherines: Colin; Looking for Alaska: Miles(Pudge)-- and happens to be friends with someone who is significantly more invested in life PT: Ben and Marcus(Radar); AAK: Hassan; LfA: Chip(The Colonel)--and the main character is pining for a desirable, slightly out of reach girl--PT: Margo; AAK: Lindsey; LfA: Alaska. 

The main character, while trying to live his life, always comes back to that one girl--and that's literally how it is, the entire book. Yes; the events occurring in each book are separate-but also completely irrelevant to the plot. The plot is essentially: boy is lame, boy has best friend(s), boy lives, boy tries to get girl, girl doesn't like boy-but wait, she actually does, and, depending on which book you're talking about, the boy and the girl resolve their sexual tension by either making out or breaking up(or death--sorry, Looking for Alaska)

Well, there you have it, kids. Three of the most popular young adult books are essentially the same plot with the same characters.

I still love the books though--hopefully there's no disclaimer. I really liked each and every one of those books! Just thought I would bring out the hard facts here.

Xoxo gossip girl

On an extra extra side note within a side note*********************************

I would like to say that The Fault in Our Stars, also by John Green, is possibly the most unique, heartbreaking, yet heartwarming novels I have ever read. I mean ever. As in, out of the countless tragic novels, this is the one. The writing, the plot, and the characters are all spectacular. Absolutely one of a kind, loved it!

There are several types of teenage clichés. 

Some go like this: a lonely, awkward, scrawny boy or girl has a mediocre best friend who happens to be more adventurous and drags them along a journey in which they find their soul mate-that boy or girl or whomever it may be, and they find closure or a happily ever after and the end. 

An alternative is that the boy and the girl are bfflaf's (best friends for life and forever) and all of a sudden they decide, "oh whoopdeedoo, let's be soul mates" and they get married and, as usual, live happy ever after and the end. Now, tell me if I'm wrong, but if I'm a lonely, awkward, and scrawny girl, wouldn't I have found my soul mate by 15? Would my best guy friend and I be in love at this point? I mean...if my life were exactly like every teenage cliché, then probably. 

These clichés are killing me. 

Sincerely, I knew exactly what was going to happen the second I cracked open An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska, and most every book which John Green wrote. I swear to God, he had one plot for all his books and as he went along, he tweaked them each one by one. As I was saying before, many of my teenage clichés I've read started with a lame teenager searching for love and ended with this same teenager having found his/her own heroism inside him/herself, with the help of their newly found, you guessed it, partner, who loves him/her for who he/she is. 

Like what the actual(pardon my french) fuck. I have a question for you, dear teenage cliché authors; is this how your life went when you were my age? Because it's sure as hell not how mine is. Honestly, is this what adults think teenagers do in their lives? I mean, I get how all of these teenage clichés, or...this is getting hard to type, how about "TC". 

So I get how all these TC's include lust and teenagers being annoyed. Because sincerely, every teenager I personally know is both lusting and annoyed 99% of the time. But the plot of it all...and the mediocre best friend. Seriously? You couldn't think up a moderately interesting character? Instead you dwell on a kind of funny, kind of nice, kind of annoying best friend who doesn't do shit for the plot. I apologize that I'm somewhat generalizing...I know that some teenage stories are genuinely unique and heartfelt and totally out of the norm. I get that. I've read many of those, too. But the number of these annoying and overdone clichés is getting quite out of hand. For example, look at this wonderful list from a wonderful blog! somewhat disagree with Number 4, but that's your call.

As I previously stated, there are several types of TC's. The first is the John Green/Best Friends In Love. The second, which is very specific, is Sarah Dessen. She is the absolute Queen of lame romance novels that she must pound out in a month(kind of like Nanowrimo, except edited). Here are some reasons why she writes the TC's of all romances:

1. I'm very aware that this is the style, but EVERY SINGLE BOOK is romance, after romance, after romance. It gets exhausting.

2. The heroine starts out as a girl with family problems, friendship problems, romantic problems, etcetera, and ends up with all of these issues suddenly seeming "okay" since she now has a new boyfriend. Like yes, definitely, achieving a loving boyfriend is suddenly going to fix all the booboos in your life. I wish!

3. This is sort of a touchy subject, but these are lusting, annoyed teenagers. They're not going to just have a magical peck on the lips and have that be their perfect night. That's incredibly unrealistic.

4. These Sarah Dessen books have hit every single possible issue prevalent in our times. Hard to believe, I know, but not every teenager is going to have daddy-issues and drinking problems and a pregnant best friend(these are examples of books I have read of hers). Period. And adding to that, not every teenage girl is going to meet a mysterious and intriguing young man that takes an interest in said troubled female and whisks her off her feet. Nope!

5. The vocabulary is super basic and I can't stand it. (That's just my opinion though.)

The third type of TC is the love triangle.

Some that I can name right now are: Peeta, Katniss, and Gale; Jacob, Bella, and Edward. One of the corners of the triangle is the one that is sought after: the Katniss, the Bella. Another is the best friend who happens to want something more...and could get it, if the other corner of the triangle wasn't "the one": the Peeta, the Edward. They might have a billion flaws and maybe the best friend who wants more is a better fit, but no...the annoying vampire/baker takes the cake, as usual.

All these TC's make me very angry. In fact, dear readers, I may just hate them. Of course, in order to review these, I must have read them, right? RIGHT! And in fact, some of these books(with the exceptions of Sarah Dessen's) are very well written, like The Hunger Games and Paper Towns. Sometimes, TC's are necessary to the plot...

Well, those are my reasons to hating Teen Clichés.

Next post, I shall take a look at my fave dystopian books!

Xoxo gossip girl

Okay, so as you know if you read my "About" tab, I'm beginning a creative writing assignment in which I blog about books and reading and all that jazz. 

I just wanted to start off by saying how much I love reading and writing. Everyone doesn't really understand (except Ashlyn, who has her own book blog which I shall link into my "Contact" tab), but it's like a movie inside my head. Of course I love just sitting there and watching movies and relaxing and not doing any work, but then I feel unintelligent and icky. So I pick up a book. I learn some new vocabulary words, cry a little over the characters, and then finish the book within a week if not earlier. 

It is quite honestly ridiculous how attached I get to characters in books. I ship certain characters together. 

If you don't know what shipping is, allow me to explain because I will most likely use this term more than once: 

Shipping is when you have two characters or people or two organisms(I don't know, I want to be generic), and you literally relationship them. You want them to be in a relationship. For example: Peeta and Katniss in "The Hunger Games", Scout and Dill in "To Kill a Mockingbird". 
Though, even if a lot of people "ship" a certain pair, they are not necessarily in a relationship in the first place. Some people may ship Tris and Four from "Divergent" for example, even though they weren't in a relationship, at first. Others ship Rudy and Liesel from "The Book Thief", who also never date. 

Anyway, as I was previously saying, I get very attached to books and their characters. After I've read a book which I particularly adored, I spend a certain time period mourning the loss of the characters. Their lives are on the pages. The pages are their life. And from start to finish, those pages are my life, too. Every book I read, I must also formally bid adieu to a part of my life. 

Now on to my next favorite aspect of life: writing. I used to write every single day. When I was eleven, I wrote a novel of 18,000 words and 50 pages. Now-a-days, I don't write as frequently as I would enjoy to--though in Creative Writing, I am able to write as freely as I please. For example, this blog, as long as I'm writing a lot, then I get full credit, more or less. This assignment is possibly the best thing ever, since I am writing about reading.

But seriously, my entire life doesn't revolve around books, I promise. I watch far more TV than I should, I do a lot of homework, I sleep quite a bit, I go on Tumblr and laugh with myself. Although I do pride myself in being a bookworm and a dork, I do have somewhat of a social life. Welcome to my reading brain.
I guess I should also probably tell you about what I'm going to post about!
It's going to be a big mix of recommendations, reviews, and various other book-related shenanigans. Probably also there will be multiple posts including me and my hilarious self.
Also I assume I should be specific. So...
my posts are probably going to be a little spread out since I have approximately 4 weeks to write 9 posts! (Obviously I'll write more, so don't you fret, little one). 

Tomorrow(December 12th) I'm going to delve into the world of John Green and why I love his books but hate his style(oh, the teenage clichés!) Don't really know what else I'm going to do; I'm a 14 year old girl, I apologize that I don't have my whole life planned out. I'm going to obviously have a post about Hunger Games, Divergent, and the glorious Dystopia-style books I adore ever-so much. Also my beloved Harry Potter!
I'll keep you posted
Get it because it's a saying, but I'm literally going to be posting something.
Sorry that I'm too hilarious for you.
Xoxo gossip girl


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