If I need to say more, then here it is: HARRY POTTER! Everything I love, everything I need. Harry is my true passion.

But I can't just talk about my obsession with J.K Rowling's masterpiece of a series...no, as a skilled reader, I must critique it.

Now first off, let me just lead in with the fact that I started reading the series when I was in the third grade. I read books 1-5 with my dad until I was in around fifh grade when we decided that I could read the books on my own...but I didn't.

I picked the first book back up in the December of my eighth grade and fell BACK in love with it. I read all 7 books in a month and a half. (Two of those weeks were spent on trying to recieve the 5th book, which was not available in our library at the time) I have seen all the movies, have a Deathly Hallows necklace, know the spells and am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter(kind of kidding there).

While I do love the books and movies, as I said before, I can't just talk about how much I absolutely love the series of Harry Potter. I need to talk about what Rowling did right.

Number one: she didn't make the golden trio a love triangle. God, she could have. She could have made it like all other books with a trio of two boys and one girl, where both the boys vie for the girl's heart whilst she struggles internally about who she should love when, in actuality, she's love the first guy the whole time.

(look at my previous post about Teenage Clichés)


Rowling makes sure that everyone pretty much knows from the first book that Ron and Hermione are going to end up making little ginger babies after dating for like 10 years. Harry is always destined to make more ginger babies with Ginny. It's given.

Obviously, to spice it up, there are some scares, like when Hermione goes to the Yule ball in the 4th book with Viktor Krum, when Ron dates Lavender Brown in the 6th book, when Harry likes Cho Chang, and when Ginny dates Michael Corner in the 5th book and Dean Thomas in the 6th. Gosh, the list could go on and on...but let's face it. We knew the second Harry saved Ginny from Tom Riddle in the 2nd book that they were meant to be. We knew the second Hermione and Ron became friends that they were meant to be.

Predictable, predictable. Still, I cried happy tears when Ron and Hermione kissed in 7th book. They are my OTP.

{Here's a definition for you:}

OTP=One True Pair.

For example, Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing. Everyone wants them to be together. Duh. It's how it should be.


In this case, Ron and Hermione. Obviously, they need to be together. They are exceedingly shipped. (Remember that word? You better.)

{End of definition}

I'd also like to comment on the fact that I love that it is 3rd person limited pretty much the whole time(with the exception of seeing into You-Know-Who's mind in select sections of the books). Honestly, I don't want to know everything inside Harry's mind. Obviously, I know a lot. I know what he's feeling and I know what the setting is and I know what pain he's in. But I love seeing him, as another person, and not becoming him. In some books I read which are first person point of view, I tend to really really feel the emotions of the character and feel the pain. Sometimes this can be good, but sometimes it gets me very down-beat and depressed. I love seeing Harry separate from myself, while still understanding him.

My last critique is actually critique, I promise. I know I've been praising it, but now is time for me to tell you what's wrong.

The vocabulary is elementary. I mean, not necessarily horrible and primitive language, per say, but definitely not challenging. Perhaps for the younger age groups, sure, but I was personally not satisfied with the sophistication of the vocab. 

I don't have much else to critique, except Emma Watson is not as ugly as Hermione should be. In fact, she could probably get beaten up and scratched by a bear and still be perfect. Still, a lovely actress, great casting.

I love Harry Potter forever!

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."
Also, I love tumblr and you can track certain topics. So, here is the link to the tracked tag "Harry Potter". It changes constantly. Some of the posts may have to do with fan fictions, the movies, the books, or the characters. But it's fun to track it!

Xoxo gossip girl

Ps I probably gained like 10 pounds this break, I don't know about you. Yikes!

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