Hello again dearest reading-readers! It appears my very opinionated friend Ashlyn struck back here against my most recent post. And so I thought that maybe I should clear a few things up:

I actually really, truly enjoyed John Green's books.

 I have read every single one at least twice. I love his writing style, I am fascinated with his ability to accurately portray a teenage girl when he is, in fact, a thirty-something year old male. I'm just somewhat questioning his ability to truly explore his writing style and create diverse plots with various characters who vary in relationships with one another and in personality. I believe that his books are very well written, yes; he uses moderately advanced vocabulary, which I am very much a fan of. He has interesting stories to write and a very creative voice. 

I'm mildly annoyed that many of his books-especially Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, and Looking for Alaska-are based off very similar plots. For example, in all three books, there is a mildly socially awkward young man who is very reserved and somewhat quiet--Paper Towns:Quentin(Q); An Abundance of Katherines: Colin; Looking for Alaska: Miles(Pudge)-- and happens to be friends with someone who is significantly more invested in life PT: Ben and Marcus(Radar); AAK: Hassan; LfA: Chip(The Colonel)--and the main character is pining for a desirable, slightly out of reach girl--PT: Margo; AAK: Lindsey; LfA: Alaska. 

The main character, while trying to live his life, always comes back to that one girl--and that's literally how it is, the entire book. Yes; the events occurring in each book are separate-but also completely irrelevant to the plot. The plot is essentially: boy is lame, boy has best friend(s), boy lives, boy tries to get girl, girl doesn't like boy-but wait, she actually does, and, depending on which book you're talking about, the boy and the girl resolve their sexual tension by either making out or breaking up(or death--sorry, Looking for Alaska)

Well, there you have it, kids. Three of the most popular young adult books are essentially the same plot with the same characters.

I still love the books though--hopefully there's no disclaimer. I really liked each and every one of those books! Just thought I would bring out the hard facts here.

Xoxo gossip girl

On an extra extra side note within a side note*********************************

I would like to say that The Fault in Our Stars, also by John Green, is possibly the most unique, heartbreaking, yet heartwarming novels I have ever read. I mean ever. As in, out of the countless tragic novels, this is the one. The writing, the plot, and the characters are all spectacular. Absolutely one of a kind, loved it!

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