Today is the first day of the year 2014-and I'm really not very psyched about it. In fact, I'm somewhat appalled by the fact that it's already 2014, because the year has gone by faster than any other. But maybe that's how it's supposed to be. 

I'm dedicating this post to the saying "New year, new me", because, let's be real here, pretty much no one seriously transforms into a "new me" when the clock strikes midnight. Unrealistic. Honestly, every year, my resolution is to get healthier, be nicer, thank more people, say "I love you" more often. Blablabla. All these clichés that everyone always puts on that mental list hanging in your mind which slowly moves to the back of it, forgotten by January 5th. I personally don't like the idea of New Year's resolutions. It's just a pinpoint in the 365 days where you can say "oh, I'll start a month, when it turns the first of January" or, "oh, yeah, I know, I'm going to the gym much more often after New Year's". I can't understand why New Year's is the perfect excuse to procrastinate things that should be happening through the whole year. New year, new me is a load of(excuse my French) bullshit.

I am proposing a slight change in how we do New Year's resolutions.
forgotten lists
unrealistic changes
and, especially, no more going to the gym for a week and letting your motivation die out.

Yes, yes. Of course you can have those resolutions-hell, even this year, my resolutions were be healthy and be nicer to people around me. doesn't have to be that way.
Allow me to share with you an idea that may (or may not) blow your mind(probably not but I'm fairly mind blowing).

Let's try to have crazy but realistic resolutions that result in the old you, except a better version.
No more "new year, new me" shit that has become tradition. The significance of the new year is that we've made it to the same spot that we were at 365 days ago. So why not celebrate that we've seen the sun at the same angle once again by being a better person?

Look-I'm not saying "be a nicer person". Nice is different than good(if you didn't get that reference it's from Into the Woods, a musical, which is very near and dear to my heart). You may not know how it's different, so allow me to explain.

Nice is when you are kind to people in general. For example, "that boy is so nice to the other kids. He was raised very well."
The problem with nice is that, while a nice person may be kind on the outside and towards people, they could actually be horrible people on the inside. They might not have true intentions.
Which brings me to good people.

I am a good person. I may not be kind to everybody I know, I may not be called "nice", I may not be considered the ideal child. But I do have a good heart. This is when a person has true and genuine intentions, whether or not they translate well depends on the person. I, for one, have a good heart and, while I mean well, sometimes I hurt people's feelings.
 think that nice and good are cousins, but they are not hand-in-hand. While, a lot of the time, good people are nice and nice people are good, good and nice do not depend on each other.

Now that I'm done with that little excerpt, I guess I should tell you what we should do for the resolutions!
I want everyone to try to maintain a good heart.
I don't care if you believe that you don't have one...everyone starts out with a good heart-it just depends on what you learn as you grow that determines your mindset. You can unlearn anything if you have convincing enough reasons.

And so, dear reading readers, happy new year. I hope that you become a good person, and I hope you maintain a good heart throughout the year and beyond.
Xoxo, gossip girl
Ps last night I fell asleep at 10:30. How lame am I?!? Why do I have friends.

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