This is me, for the hour after I finished The Book Thief. DAMN YOU MARKUS ZUSAK AND YOUR BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN NOVELS.
I've been saving this post for one of the last because in this post I get to talk about my favorite books: the books that make me cry. Now, a lot of the time, the best books are the books that are happy. But in my case, my ALL TIME FAVORITES are sad books-or, books with a lot of sadness.

As I have mentioned time and time again, my number one favorite is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This book makes me cry like a baby for several key reasons; one is that it is from the point of view of Death. While this may not seem out of the ordinary, persay, it is the most creative and cry-worthy POV I have ever seen. The book portrays Death as an empathetic, rational "man" of some sort. And while maybe this doesn't seem cry-worthy, I can assure you that as Death himself sighs as he takes children from the Holocaust, it is quite cry-worthy. Another reason why this book is the best and most sob-prone is that all these characters are believable—and lovable.



Everyone, except a select few, dies. It was like parting with my own family as the characters whom I had grown to love quickly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, the author swiped away lives. And it was heartwrenching to read. But in a good way.

And the third key reason why this is the best sad book EVER is that it was based around sadness. This book took place around the holocaust and heavily incorporated it into the plot. As the war rages around the characters, people die, lives are ruined, family's are separated...and this is very much so incorporated into the themes of the book. I personally can deeply relate to the novel because I myself am Jewish and the horrors of the Holocaust are very much relevant and real to me. It struck close to home.

Now, I shall move on from The Book Thief and focus on another great book...but very different.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is another favorite of mine! An oldie but goody. I read this in 8th grade and fell in love with its controversial story line and spunky characters. Scout is my spirit animal. Honestly, Scout is who I aspire to be she's absolutely perfection.

But I need to tell you why it's sob-worthy!

I, for one, am insanely against racism, ageism, sexism, really any ism for that matter. And most are featured in the novel. When there are somewhat brutal scenes in which there is prejudice, I would cry(I easily cry).

I cried when Atticus, my favorite fictional character, would show love to his children, when he stood up for what he believed in, when he held Scout and read to her. I wish Atticus were my father or god parent or SOMETHING because he is the most amazing man I've ever heard of. He alone is someone to cry over.

Also, Boo Radley's character. Different from Atticus, but still, heroic in his own way. I love his relationship with Scout.

The "'Hey Boo'" at the end of the novel made me bawl. Adorable!

Now, yet another sad story-- very different, as well.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a  killer sob story about a teenage girl who commits suicide...and sends out an audio to the people who ultimately caused her death. I'm not a big fan of those depression stories, but this one really got to me and made me cry. The main character-not the girl-Clay Jensen was a likable and sweet guy, who was sensitive and the kind of guy every girl would want in real life, but is kind of ignored in his world. The characters cause feeling, and that's exactly what you want from a writing piece.

I'm sure there are more books that I've cried over...I remember crying over The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks in the fifth grade and heaving from so much sadness...but those three are my absolute favorite sad novels ever.

For some clarification, I sign my posts "Xoxo gossip girl" not because I'm gossip girl or something. It's just because I think it's fun, sorry for the confusion to anyone reading my blog :-)

Xoxo gossip girl

PS I'm so not psyched for school. I wish I could sit at home and read and watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix forever. But you know, I need to get into college. Ha.

One of my favorite lines in The Book Thief.
"'I'm an idiot.' No papa. You're just a man." (The Book Thief)

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