Sorry I'm a little late--just got out of school a little less than a week ago for winter break and have been busy every single day with sleeping in and watching Tv...whoops! Anyway, I'm back and super pumped for this next post, which is going to be somewhat of a word-blurb onto the page. We'll see what I can come up with :) As you can see on the image

I'm going to be ranting about the Dystopian novels that are almost definitely the most popular genre in this generation, when all anyone ever talks about or wants to talk about is "the future". So some authors decided to put their super freaky ideas about the future onto a page and the idea blossomed from there that the future is going to be incredibly disturbing and a lot of teenagers will start rebellions. So now, I want to tell you what I personally believe the future will really be like.

I think that probably, the future will be very fat. Not like fat as in what every one wants to burn and get rid of constantly. No, I actually don't think that people will be morbidly obese everywhere you turn. I believe that people will have fat houses, fat bank accounts, fat ideas-not the right kinds, where everyone is at peace, but also not the dark ones where kids go to war with each other and chop off people's heads and have to be sorted into different factions and need to survive with supernatural abilities. More like, bigger ideas. More enthusiastic about creating ideas. And, while this is somewhat beneficial, it could also lead to the destruction of Western culture.  I'm waiting for at least one novel to explore the details of how Western society actually crumbled, and not just the issues that occur because of such events. 

So, yes, that's what I think will happen. But who knows. 

Maybe Western culture will never die out, though that is doubtful. For now, let's focus on the novels which look at these dystopian societies and predict what may or may not happen. Some of my favorites, which are very annoyingly well read by everyone include the Hunger Games and Divergent series. 

Another dystopian sci-fi novel which I have read is Gone by Michael Grant. The novel is highly disturbing, and, while there is a series which precedes it, I couldn't bear to pick up the sequel. I am a very mature reader-don't get me wrong. I've read countless adult books from the age of eleven. 

But the disturbing aspects of the plot were incredibly unraveling and somewhat gut-twisting in the way that many of these dystopian-style novels of the generation have been. 

I sincerely miss the novels in which "the future" meant aliens, space ships, hovering cars, and breathing on the moon. Now, it just means disturbing scenes and quite a bit of death.
I'm keeping this post short because I sort of veered off topic, and I just wanted to get this idea out to you.
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ps happy holidayz
pps and a happy new year!

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